Frederick SARGENT

Frederick SARGENT
fl 1880

Resident of St Ives, living at Hawkes Point, Sargent painted the House of Lords and House of Commons series of drawings, exhibited at Tooth's Gallery (London) in 1851. He was also the artist who drew William Ewart Gladstone, now in the permanent collection of the Palace of Westminster.

St Ives Town Council own a large painting by the artist Catch of Pilchards, St Ives, which is also called The Seine Net in the Public Catalogue Foundation review of paintings owned in public collections (p136).


Painter of portraits

works and access

Works include: Commons in Session (c1851); Catch of Pilchards, St Ives

Access to Works: St Ives Town Council


RA 1854-74; Tooth's Gallery (London) 1851


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Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF) Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly: Oil Paintings in Public Ownership

Whybrow St Ives (1883-1900 list, p 211)

C Wood Victorian Painters;