Frederick William BROOKE

Frederick William BROOKE
fl 1886-1902

Brooke was an artist-painter, an architect and later a Captain in WWI. He was born in Sibton, Suffolk, and the son of a Magistrate and landed proprietor, and his wife (born in Buenos Aires). He and his wife Gwendoline had two daughters when they arrived in St Ives, thought to be in 1895 (from a painting of the town dated in that year). Their address, as provided to the RA was Ayr Cottage, St Ives, and with them came a governess for their daughters, and two domestic servants, including a cook from Madron.

The RA lists 4 paintings sent in to them from 1895-1899 and in 1902 he exhibited three paintings at the Whitechapel Exhibition of Cornish Artists, London, giving St Ives as his reference. The family had previously lived in London (1886) and Suffolk (1887).

Brooke was the lead signatory and provided the covering letter from the St Ives Arts Club artists to Mr Glanville of the St Ives Town Council in 1898, which voiced the concerns of many artists about plans for redevelopment and changes to the town.

It is not known when they departed St Ives, but further art records do not record further exhibited work. Internet records list him as Captain Frederick W Brooke who died in Popscott, Witham, near Braintree, Essex only weeks short of his 92nd birthday. His elder daughter, Gladys predeceased him, dying at her villa in Monaco in 1946, and his second daughter, Mrs D Huxley  and his wife survived him.



Painter of landscapes

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Works include A Sunlit Bay (1895 at RA), Spring; Thistledown; A Cornfield; A Riverside Inn; Sunlight and Shadow; O'er Moor and fen; Winter Sunlight; 




Whitechapel Exhibition of Cornish Artists 1902


STIAC 1898

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Birth 31 December 1860. Visitation
of England & Wales See


2011:  Barnes Thomas County Auction (catalogue) 5 Sept 2011, Lot 10A (col illus): painting is called St Ives, Cornwall and dated '95 in the catalogue, but may be another of his titles as listed below.

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