George Henry JENKINS

George Henry JENKINS
1843 also given as birth year, but docs exist for 1838.

The painter was a West Country artist who painted throughout Devon and Cornwall in both oil and watercolour. He is reported as an active artist between 1870 and 1910.  From 1873 to 1880 he lived at 10 Saltram Terrace, Plympton, Devon near Plymouth.  He also exhibited work painted in North Wales. For the most part his work has eluded the dictionary writers mainly referenced, and he and his son have come to our notice via auction catalogues.

He and his wife, Hannah had seven children, the second of which was named for him and also became an artist.  Their subjects were topographical, mainly landscapes and seascapes, and their work is mainly distinguished from each other in the intensity of their colours.  As stated in his entry in this index, George Henry Jr JENKINS used more vivid colours than his father, and some of his pictures were taken up as postcards in the Picturesque Devon series.



works and access

Access to work: Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Works incl: St Michael's Mount; Off the Cornish Coast, Sunset; Tintagel, Cornwall; King Arthur's Castle, Tintagel


1892-1895: RWA Bristol (20)

c1900: Dore Gallery, in exhibition of West Country artists

1907: Elands Gallery, Exeter



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Elford Fine Art Sales Catalogue, Tavistock 2005, 2006