Gertrude HOMAN

Gertrude HOMAN

The unmarried niece of the Head of Household in the 1891 Census, Homan lived at 5 Whitstone Head, Whitstone, Cornwall. She was described as a thirty-one year old Music and Painting Artist, born at Sydenham, London.

Exhibiting from 1886-1905, the standard references do not mention an involvement of any kind with Cornwall, and give only London addresses for exhibition purposes. It is not currently known whether or not her work, exhibited widely, reflected Cornish subjects.



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Works include: Peg Woffington Criticized in the Place of her Portrait; Nine Points of the Law; Sally in our Alley; A scene from As You Like It


Liverpool (8)

Manchester City (2)

RA (18)

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SWA (1)


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