Gordon ALLEN

Gordon ALLEN

Please note: There are at least two artists named Gordon Allen, the sculptor reviewed below, and a Devon-based painter in Brixham, who exhibits paintings in galleries around the southwest and on-line, including Newquay, Cornwall.  There is always the possibility of some confusion where artists of the same name exhibit work in the area. 

Gordon Allen, artist and sculptor, is also a professional engineer and metal worker. He has lived in Cornwall for about 15 years, having set up his studio in one of the railway outbuildings in St Ives.

Gordon learned his trade and craft in the workshops of the Midlands. Many years in the aircraft industry, especially in aircraft construction, led to particular interest in the use of engineering techniques in sculpture. Gordon has an obvious love for metals which is evident from his work. Aluminium, copper, stainless steel - the colours, textures and reflections are deftly shaped and blended. The finished works gleam and vibrate with the vision and energy of the sculptor. In contrast, the natural stone pieces show a deep perception and contemplation of forms.

Finally, the flowing lines of the white sculptures represent a deep peace reflecting the inner vision of a man whose translation of life travels beyond the usual conformity of the modern world. Gordon has exhibited widely including: RA, RGI, RHA, RWEA, Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and has had many private and ecclesiastical commissions. [from The Cornishman]


Artist and sculptor

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Has had many private and ecclesiastical commissions.


RA, RGI, RHA, RWEA, Hesketh Hubbard Art Society

St Ives Arts Club (2009)



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The Cornishman, Truro edition, 10 Dec 2009 review