Douglas Guido MORRIS
Guido (assumed name in 1930s)

Born Douglas Morris, he moved to St Ives in 1946, and for the seventh time set up his press, The Latin Press, at Carncrows near The Island. From that location he showed with the Crypt Group, and also printed catalogues for exhibitions. He took on more and more printing work for his contemporaries who included the LEACH POTTERY, the NANCE brothers (Dicon NANCE and Robert NANCE), and the modernist circle that included such as Sven BERLIN, Barbara HEPWORTH, George Peter LANYON, Bryan WYNTER and others.

He also initiated the monthly series Crescendo Poets in 1951, including work by John Heath-Stubbs, Arthur Caddick and others as well as his own poems.  However his Press went into liquidation in 1953, and Morris left St Ives. His printed catalogues are much sought after by collectors.

In 1995 Alan and Isabella Livingston, of the Falmouth College of Art, composed an appreciation of the life-work of the artist for the occasion of the Study display 'Guido Morris - a fine printer' held in April at the Tate St Ives. The evaluation was printed in simple booklet format in the signature typeface Bembo which Morris largely employed for his text work.


Printing, printmaking, poster printing


Exhibition catalogues

The Exchange, Penzance 'Print!' Apr-Jul 2011: Contemporary and historic prints/printmakers


The Crypt Group, St Ives: Founder member

The Latin Press, establishment printer (liquidated 1953)

Penwith Society of Arts in Cornwall: Founder member, 1949-50 (resigned 1950)


Tate St Ives 1939-64: 25 Years of Painting, Sculpture & Pottery pp133-4 (Bibl)

A & I Livingston (1995) Guido Morris - A Fine Printer, Tate Gallery St Ives