It was at Gwen's suggestion and approach to the local government and museum officials in France, that the Newlyn Society of Artists made their epic visit to Pont Aven in 1977, where Stanhope FORBES and many other artists had met up originally and painted together, before discovery of Newlyn as a painting ground.

A recent correspondent (2012) gave more personal recollection of Gwen, and wrote from Canada: 'Gwen Le Grand lived in Newlyn.  She taught art at Heamoor Secondary School during the period 1961 - 1965 and probably a lot earlier and a lot later (under the name Gwen McCarthy - second married name). Kept donkeys that escaped on a regular basis. A biography is likely to be in the Cornishman newspaper at the time of her death (which is unknown to me). She was my old art teacher - and a lovely woman.'

The exhibition in 1977 was organised and led by Jane and Ken SYMONDS, and 13 Newlyn artists accompanied the work from some 40 who participated by sending paintings and sculpture to be seen and sold. 18,000 - 20,000 new people saw and many purchased work from the display. The Poster designed by Mary BERESFORD-WILLIAMS is reproduced in Hardie (1995)



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Hardie (1995) 100 Years in Newlyn: Diary of a Gallery;

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