Artist potter with Leach (1933-37), who joined the Leach Pottery in 1933 and supervised it with Laurie COOKES (Leach's second wife) whilst Bernard LEACH was in Japan and his son David LEACH in Stoke on Trent learning the business. 

In 1937 he married May SCOTT, who had come to work at the Pottery after being a paying pupil with Muriel BELL at Malvern.  The two of them worked hard to keep the Pottery financially viable at a difficult time in its history. They then went to Africa that year, returning after WWII to set up the Crowan Pottery in Praze (1946), and later moved to New Zealand (1962) where they created the Crewenna Pottery; between 1972-79, they spent time in the Peruvian Andes teaching new pottery techniques. His life with May is recounted in greater detail in her biography (published in 1990) entitled May Davis Her Story.


Artist potter


May Davis Her Story (autobiography by wife, May)

Whybrow (2006) The Leach Legacy: St Ives Pottery and its Influence

The Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics:  www.cornishceramics.com