Cornish Hand Wrought HAYLE COPPER

Pool's Cornish Hand Wrought Copper was desgined and made by J & F Pool Ltd. of Copperhouse, Hayle. Still in the metal work business, the firm lost its world famous name when the company was taken over some years ago. (The Hayle site no longer exists.) At the time of the production of what is now known as Hayle Copper, the firm also had works at Roseworthy near Camborne (destroyed in WWII) where the well known Cornish Shovel was produced.

Hayle Copper, unlike Newlyn Copper, was not totally handmade. The main design was stamped out using zinc dies in large presses and the pieces were then hand finished. Primarily Art Nouveau in style the firm produced a wide range of products including overmantels, fire screens, clocks, hot water jugs, candlesticks, etc. though these were the same types of products as those made by the Newlyn Industrial Classes, Newlyn copper never reached the position of mass marketing and production.


Decorative pieces in metals, primarily copper

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