Helen Elizabeth Overbury FOX

Miss Helen Elizabeth Overbury FOX
aka Mrs Lewis

Born in Remuera, New Zealand, the only daughter of the Rev Arthur Stewart Fox, the artist was educated at Lausanne University, Switzerland and served as a nurse during WWI. She was a friend of the artist Helen SEDDON, and exhibited with her at a St Ives Show Day in 1923 from Crab Rock Studio, The Warren.

She lived for many years in Bath, and was considered to be a prolific and talented artist. In 1950 she married Sydney James Lewis. Some years after her death (unspecified date) the Meltone Gallery in Bath mounted a posthumous show of her studio remains.


Painter of watercolours; portraits, black & white and sketch artist; illustrator 


St Ives Show Day 1923

Meltone Gallery, Bath (posthumous show of her studio remains)


Family informant: Michael Lewis

St Ives Times 23 Mar 1923

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