Henry Bowser WIMBUSH

The artist was born in London at 2 West Halkin Street. A water-colour painter who is known to have exhibited between 1881 and 1908. He married Helen Margaret Sillar, a British subject born in Shanghai in October of 1880, and the couple had six children, three girls and three boys. 

He is particularly well known for a large series of small watercolours for postcards issued in series by Raphael Tuck. The subjects chosen are landscape scenes of Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. A list of his series is available at http://www.jhsn.eclipse.co.uk/id29.htm and it is clear that he must have spent some considerable time painting in Cornwall. No particular detail of these visits is known, though indicated through the choice of his subjects. 

In 2021 we heard from the granddaughter of Henry Bowser Wimbush, Jessamine Barron. A painter in Canada, she has followed in her grandfather's footsteps.


Watercolour of landscape; illustration (post cards)


AG 1, B 2, D 7, FIN 311, L 3, M 7, RA 4, RI 1,

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With thanks to Geoff Hassall for noticing this artist and his subjects. (2013)


Johnson & Greutzner (2008)