Henry moved to Cornwall in September 2003, after a M. A., Art History from St Andrews University, Scotland and further studies in Fine Art at Kensington and Chelsea College, the Slade and Camberwell College of Art.

Garfit is the artist-manager of the Trewidden Studios, Buryas Bridge, west of Penzance. His work, regularly exhibited in London, Cornwall and other national venues, is consistently abstract and colourful. See www.henrygarfit.co.uk and www.trewiddenstudios.co.uk for further information.

In August 2011 the Cornishman has reported and welcomed a new initiative by Henry to work with 15 local artists, in establishing a new art school located at the Old Board School, Chywoone Hill. The arts programme will draw on the experience and skills of a number of local artists, and is now able to take bookings for its courses. See www.newlynartschool.co.uk for the range offered.  The school has been awarded grant funding from the Arts Council, and is set up as an independent, not for profit educational facility.  Tutors involved include the following: Neil PINKETT, Jason WALKER, Jesse Leroy SMITH, Jane ANSELL, Mary CROCKETT, Mark SPRAYPaul WADSWORTHRachael KANTARIS, Maggie O'BRIEN, Gareth EDWARDS, Georgina HOUNSOME, David PATON and Samuel BASSETT among others.

In historical terms this new school, refers back to the original initiative made by Elizabeth and Stanhope Forbes to establish a like institution employing their own studios and those of others in the Newlyn Meadow nearby.  That school was opened in 1899 as the NEWLYN SCHOOL OF PAINTING under the direction of Stanhope Forbes, and future historians will have to be careful to include dates, and correct titles - as there is often room for confusion!  Getting around this difference, it is useful, as Garfit is doing, to refer to the older school programme of classes (indoor and outdoor) as the FORBES SCHOOL.


Painter, printmaker

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The Exchange, Penzance 'Print!' Apr-Jul 2011: Contemporary and historic prints/printmakers



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Contact about availability of artists' studios at Trewidden.


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