Henry Harding BINGLEY

Henry Harding BINGLEY

An artist who settled in Cornwall during WWII, remaining in the county until the 1950s. His name is sometimes seen erroneously as Herbert Harding Bingley, due to information given in Jeremy Wood's Dictionary of neglected and overlooked painters. Further information has generously provided by a relation who is thoroughly researching Bingley's artistic career, and has given permission for the use of his paragraphs (following) from his website. Many thanks for this help.

'Henry Harding Bingley was a prolific artist who was born in London and lived for some time in Cornwall in the Perranporth area. During his working life he was an Associated Member of the British Watercolour Society (BWS), a member of the Royal Miniature Society (RMS) and a member of the Society of Miniaturists (SM). The earliest dated painting to be found so far is from 1912, the latest, 'Autumn "A woodland stream on the Avon, Hampshire"',  which was painted in 1971.  His paintings almost always include water and he is best known for watercolours of Cornish coastal scenes.  However there are pictures in existence that portray Devon, Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Dorset and London. Bingley also used oils but these pictures are far rarer. Most of his work consists of rural landscape or seascape but he has been known to paint interiors and still life. The quality of his work varies, from what professionals would call "pot boilers" quickly dashed off to satisfy the tourists and work of a much higher quality with excellent detail. He signed his paintings as H.H. Bingley in the earlier years as script and later in uppercase.'

A correspondent (2019) has told us of two seascapes of Perranporth by Bingley in his possession, one of which is entitled 'Off to the Fishing Grounds'.



works and access

Works include: The Arch and Chapel Rock and Stepping Stones, Perranporth (w/c); Droskyn Point, Perranporth (w/c)


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