Henry Martin POPE

Henry Martin POPE

Born in Birmingham. A Founder member of the Birmingham Art Circle with Walter LANGLEY, Edwin HARRISPhil Whiting, William Banks FORTESCUE, he also visited or lived in Newlyn. (Ref Langley, Note 8, p144) Studied under Edward WATSON, H LINES and Samuel LINES.

Roger Langley in his new work (2011) on Walter LANGLEY and the Birmingham artists' connections with Cornwall, offers an extensive section on Pope. Pope is known to have first visited Newlyn with Langley in 1880 and thereby becomes one of the earliest of  West Cornish visitors. He is known to have submitted nine Newlyn subjects to the Birmingham Art Circle exhibitions and three to the RBSA.


Painter of landscape and rustic subjects in oil and watercolour

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RBSA (290) from 1865; SS (5)


Birmingham Art Circle

Birmingham Easel Club

President, Clarendon Art Fellowship (for 11 years)

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T Cross The Shining Sands

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn & West Cornwall;

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Langley R (2011) Walter Langley, From Birmingham to Newlyn Bristol: Sansom & Co. pp117-119 col pl: On the Cornish Moors (1880)

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