aka Fitz

A New Zealand artist who lived at St Ives, he was known for his clever sketches and caricatures and remarkable comic eye.  His book Caricatures from the Cornish Riviera (1910) was of local people and artists.

He published two books from his studio in St Ives, and contributed to Punch. He participated in the Show Days at St Ives in 1911, 1912 and 1913, with both caricatures and paintings, one title being Moorland. His addresses for exhibition were given as Carbis Bay, Cornwall (1912) and Exmouth, Devon (1921).


Painter and illustrator

works and access

Works include: Moorland (1913); A Frosty Morning (1914); A Road Through the Wood; A Woodland Stream; Nocturne; 5 Pierrot watercolours (1920); A Shell-wrecked House in France

Access to works: books about St Ives locals and artists, including Caricatures from the Cornish Riviera (1910) and Everybody's Doing It (1914) (illustrations in Tovey 2009)



St Ives March 1911 (from his own Studio); Caricatures of Cornish Riviera March 1912 (from his own Studio)

Lanham's September 1913, Painters & Etchers Exhibition 1914

St Ives Show Day March 1914, May 1920


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