Herbert GEORGE

Herbert GEORGE
exh 1906-1939 fl 1905-6

The artist lived at Hindhead and Gomshall, Surrey, and studied at South Kensington, Herkomer's at Bushey and Newlyn, under Stanhope FORBES, and in St Ives under John Noble BARLOW.

He was working in the Lamorna valley in 1905, and in 1906 exhibited and sold Landscape with Sheep at NAG's Summer exhibition.

His sending-in addresses are listed as Hindhead, Surrey (1906), London (1915) and Gomshall, Surrey (1926).

Recent correspondence (2012) reveals two watercolours indicating places where Herbert George painted, being Aston Tirrold, Berkshire [now in Oxfordshire] and the Cole Kitchen Farm, Gomshall.


Painter of landscapes in watercolour

works and access

Works include: Landscape with Sheep (1906); A Country Cottage and Garden;

Private Collection: Aston Tirrold, Berkshire (signed w/c); Cole Kitchen Farm Gomshall (signed w/c)


AR (2); BIR (1); COO (1); LS (8); RA (6); RI (1)

NAG Summer exhibition (1) 1906




misc further info

Canadian enquirer (2012) reporting ownership of a watercolour - cottage by a pond

Correspondent, relation (2012) reporting ownership of two watercolours (listed above, private collection)

Correspondent (2012) reporting transcription error of Aston Tirrold (originally transcribed as Aston Ferrold) and the change in county definition from Berkshire to Oxfordshire. 


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