Hettie Tangye REYNOLDS

Mrs Hettie Tangye REYNOLDS ARWA
exh 1914-34

Born in Redruth, Cornwall, she was the wife of Reginald Francis REYNOLDS and specialised in colourful and decorative still life paintings of fruit and flowers in oils. Although based in London after her marriage, she returned to St Ives at intervals from 1916.

The studio the couple shared is featured in Francis John ROSKRUGE's 1929 version of the Map of St Ives Studios (see Tovey 2003 p14 for reprint).


Painter of still-life, landscape and flowers in oils

works and access

Works include: Still Life and Flowers (1918); The Blue Vase (1918) at RCM, Truro


B (9); Chenil; Dudley; LS; RA (3) 1928-1930; RBA; RCPS 1902; RID; ROI (17), October 1918 (3) ; RSA; Harris and Sons, Plymouth  Annual Exhibition with Cornish Artists 1923; Walkers Galleries, New Bond Street (joint show with her husband) 1929; STISA 1928 (their first show at the Porthmeor Gallery) 1932 and 51 FoB Touring Shows; SWA (4)


ARWA; STISA 1928-32, 1936 and 1944-51


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