Horace Percival HART

Horace Percival HART
aka Percival Horace

A son of Thomas HART and one of twelve children who also became an artist, HP was born at Falmouth in 1864, Cornwall, .

In 1889 Horace HART, Norman GARSTIN and their father, Thomas HART, exhibited drawings and pencil sketches in a joint exhibition at Ipswich, Suffolk. This was important enough as an occasion to be reported locally in The Cornishman.

He married Isabella Preston at Edmonton, Middlesex in 1890 and by 1891 they were living at Newport, Monmouthshire with HP recorded as an Artist Painter. In that year a Percival Hart exhibited one watercolour from 5 Crindan Road, Newport. There is also a watercolour by Percival Hart in Newport Art Gallery. He painted views of Cornwall and the London Docks in the 1890s.

He died in the Helston district in 1896 aged 31.



Painter and draughtsman

works and access

Works include: Near Land's End; The Lion Rock at Kynance; Beach Cave at Kynance


Fine Art Gallery, Ipswich September 1889 (drawings and pencil sketches)

Falmouth Art Gallery 1990



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