Iona was born in the far West of Cornwall, and has spent most of her life there. Her early days were spent combing the beaches for treasures, and pressing flowers, which would go on to become the subject matter for many of her paintings.

Iona left Cornwall to study History of Art at Bristol before returning to work and raise a family. When her children were young she painted canvases to brighten up their rooms. This led to commissioned works which gave her the confidence to paint professionally. Recently her paintings have explored simplicity (in her otherwise busy domestic life), often paying particular attention to mundane, everyday objects. Her passion is derived from the landscapes that have surrounded her all of her life, and the sea view which is the predominant feature of her studio. Her style is free, with a naivity that makes her pieces like a breath of sea air.
 (With thanks to the Waterside Gallery, St Ives, for this profile.)



2013: Waterside Gallery, St Ives

2017: I Am Woman, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (8-21 July)

2017: STISA Christmas Open Exhibition (25 Nov-2 Jan)

2018: Blooming Marvellous, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (24 Mar-10 Apr)

2018: 'October 6', Penwith Gallery, St Ives (6 Oct-3 Nov)

2018: STISA Christmas Open Exhibition (24 Nov-2 Jan)

2019: A Cornish Springtime, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (April)

2020: Let the Light In, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (April - online)

2021: Intimate Landscape, Livingstone St Ives (26 Feb-31 Mar)

2021: Ten - A Celebration of Ten Years, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (24-31 July)

2022: When the Magnolias Bloom, Livingstone St Ives (17 Feb-22 Mar)

2022: Joy, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (10-24 Apr)

2022: A Story of Winter, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (Dec)

2023: Abloom, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (Apr)

2024: Confetti, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (28 Mar-12 Apr)

2024: One Day, Penwith Gallery, St Ives (17 May-15 June)


Waterside Gallery, St Ives (2013)