Irene CARR

Irene CARR

The third daughter of Sydney CARR, born in St Ives, Cornwall, Irene grew up in the creative colony of St Ives artists and craftsmen, showing some artistic talent herself. In 1908 she exhibited miniature portraits on Show Day, and Tovey (2009) displays one of her small works: a portrait miniature of the artist Mabel Maud DOUGLAS (who painted in a similar style).

Irene Carr married Francis Edward Wintle in 1912 (formerly a Borough Surveyor, then a Prison Governor in Liverpool and subsequently on the Isle of Wight). Many of the artists were guests at the wedding, presenting paintings to the couple. The wedding service itself was conducted by the Rev Bernard Walke, the husband of artist Annie WALKE (sister of Hilda FEARON). It was the social event of the year, and a grand party was held at the Porthminster Hotel for at least a hundred and twenty friends.




Painter of portrait miniatures

works and access

Access to works: Portrait of Mabel Douglas (reproduced in Tovey 2009)


St Ivers Show day 1908


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