James Harfield KERNOT

James Harfield KERNOT
fl 1828-1856

The engraver of one known Cornish subject (St Mawes, Cornwall), nothing is known at present about Kernot's time in Cornwall - and there may have been none, as he may have engraved the work elsewhere, based on observations by the gifted artist-architect Thomas ALLOM (1804-1872), as evidenced by his engraving of London from an original study Allom in 1881.  

A Mrs James H Kernot is listed as an artist by Christopher Wood, as an exhibitor of two oriental scenes in 1855-56 from an address in London.



works and access

Works include: London (1881, engraved by Kernot from an original study by Thomas ALLOM); St Mawes, Cornwall

Access to work: Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester


Manchester University collection: emu.man.ac.uk