Jane Erin DE GLEHN

Jane Erin Emmett DE GLEHN

Hailing from a distinguished New York family of artists and writers (her cousin was Henry JAMES), Jane EMMETT studied at New York's Art Students League and in Paris.  After her marriage to Wilfred Gabriel DE GLEHN (in 1904) she continued to paint but not exhibit.  She became part of the Anglo-American circle surrounding John Singer SARGENT, often travelling with him, and strongly influenced by him stylistically.

 A recent correspondent (Oct 2012) wrote: 

Just one thing - her nickname is wrong and she would have been appalled to be thought of as 'Jean'  She was Jano, pronounced Jayno.  And if you want to hear what she sounded like, just listen to any recording of Gore Vidal's voice.  He spoke as his and my great aunts did.    Some grammatical differences too.  Not " somebody else's"  but " somebody's eltze"  I can still hear her reading me Brer Rabbit sitting on the arch of the Devil's Frying Pan here by my garden.





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Family correspondent (2012)

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall (p321)