Born in Sheffield, Gosney first trained as an architect at The Bartlett UCL, specialising later in light and lighting. During her student days she explored colour psychology and took life drawing at the Slade. She became interested in the work of Barbara Hepworth when she 'discovered' Monolyth on Hampstead Heath and lived locally to the artists studio in Belsize Park. This fascination led a trail to Cornwall and the Hepworth Garden. The holes and hollows framing nature led to experimentation with forms and their shadows. This was initially with photography, then furniture with inset glass in holes folllowed, to explore light passing through solid. Since 1985 Gosney has regularly visited St Ives with her mother and has had a home in Penwith since the 1990s, where her sea view is her 'thinking space'.


Electric Lighting public art installations in collaboration, consultant to glass artists on public art projects. Preoccupations are windows 'frames and skylight', digital photography on canvas and 'Transparency Series' printing on acrylic as clear and translucent images. Drawing from life.

works and access

Southwark Station Jubilee Line lighting design for Alexander Beleschenko (silk screen glass wall)

Landing lights for Nexus Ferry with Martin Richman ('neon' gateway) - South Shields

Festival Place Skyline for Grosvenor Estates (electric light) - Basingstoke regeneration project




Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts - from 2001

Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting - from 2006

Research Fellow at the Hypatia Trust - 2009


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Architects Journal

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Reflections on Light by Jane Gosney