Jo King was born in Buckinghamshire, the son of professional painters. After graduating in 1981 from Dartington College of Arts with a BA in Theatre, he moved to the Netherlands and worked as a cabaret entertainer. Returning to the UK in 1989, he commenced an eight-year period of working for the mask and puppet company Horse & Bamboo, directed by painter Bob Frith. In 1998 King began attending life drawing sessions run by Bohuslav Barlow in Todmorten, Lancashire. Since that time the human form has always been the dominant subject of his work.

Subsequently Jo King moved to Spain, and this was followed by eight years in the Dutch town of Zaltbommel.

In 2018 he returned to the UK, where he now has a studio in the village of Constantine, near Falmouth.


Painting in oils on prepared board


2019: Imagine Falmouth, Falmouth Art Gallery (23 Nov-18 Jan)


2011: 'Het Beeld Geeft De Aanwijzing' by Jan Groenendijk - featuring work by Jo King and other members of the Bommelse Kunstroute.

2015: JAZZIZ (the USA's award-winning jazz magazine) featured Jo King's artwork on the front cover of its Summer issue.

2017: JAZZIZ - an article featuring nince of Jo's jazz themed paintings, for its Spring issue.