Joanna WASON

Joanna WASON

The sculptor and potter Jo Wason lives and works from her own studio in West Cornwall.  She is married to the potter Jason WASON, and for many years up until 2006 when it closed for renovation and expansion, worked for the LEACH POTTERY, where she assisted Janet LEACH.

She shows and sells her work at the Leach Pottery Museum shop, and also in mixed and solo shows as well as from her website in the Poetry Workshop cooperative. Her beautifully balanced vases and pots are illustrated there.

New work by this artist was included in the 2009 exhibition at the Leach Pottery, St Ives, entitled 'The Flower Show' which focussed on ceramic vessels for the art of flower display.


Ceramics, teaching

works and access

Hypatia Trust Collection of Women's Art

Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics (online)

The Pottery Workshop (online)

Leach Pottery Museum, St Ives


Jamieson Library, Newmill, Cornwall (solo)

Leach Pottery


Poster (2009) Leach Pottery

Whybrow The Leach Legacy