John Francis BEE

John Francis BEE

Born in Wolverhampton, Bee was the son of George Henry Bee and Mary Elizabeth nee Briscoe.

Bee was invalided out from WWI after three years.

For four years he studied art in Europe and the Near East, and exhibited his work in Manchester. He took up commercial art, living in London and Norfolk. His work was illustrated in Commercial Art and Posters and Publicity.  In the 1930s the artist focused on poster work for the GWR and LNER railways.

There is no special connection of this illustrator to the art communities of Cornwall; his reference here is due to artwork produced post-war for the railway poster series of the West Region, and therefore to Cornwall.  His posters bore a capital B monogram, though his carriage panel artwork carried his normal signature. (


Designer, illustrator and poster artist, stage designer

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Access to works: poster Cornwall (colour plate full page: The Artist Nov 1939, p 95)





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