The artist studied in Birmingham and in Paris, and is listed as one of the first members of the Birmingham Art Circle by R Langley (p144n) in his biography of Walter LANGLEY (1997). He was both a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries ('uniquely' amongst the Newlyn Fraternity according to R Langley, in his latest biography 2011 on the strong connections between the Birmingham Art Circle and Newlyn).

Fullwood also reveals in the 1870s a strong connection with Wolverhampton of his birth, in many etchings of old buildings which were published in 1880. 

At the early date of 1881 he exhibited Cornish watercolours in Birmingham at the Art Circle and in 1882 he was exhibiting from an address in Paul, Newlyn making him one of the earliest Birmingham artists to work in Cornwall. Though departing Cornwall later that year or early in 1883, he went on to Paris. He made at least another brief visit to Newlyn in 1885, and put two West Cornwall paintings into the spring show of the Royal Birmingham Society in 1886. 

His exhibition record was extensive and R Langley provides a representative list of Fullwood's Newlyn work in his latest survey work on Birmingham and Newlyn.

A correspondent in 2018 has written to inform us that he was the cousin of another artist, Albert Henry Fullwood.

Born 24 November 1854 at Wolverhampton, he died in Richmond upon Thames on 6 September 1931, age 76 (GRO).


Painter of landscapes, etcher, illustrator

works and access

Works include: Penzance (1882); A Cornish Glen (1881); Marazion Marshes (1881); Study of Old Buildings, St Ives (1882); At Newlyn, Cornwall (1886)


Birmingham (21)

D (5)

Liverpool (8)

MC (2)

NG (2)

RA (21) 1883-

RBA (99)

RI (7)

ROI (2)

SS 1888-




Royal Cambrian Academy

Society of Antiquaries



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