John Goodrich Wemyss WOODS

John Goodrich Wemyss WOODS

He first exhibited in 1889 when he was living in Newbury, and his first RA success was in 1922, by which time he was at Burnham, Buckinghamshire. By 1927 he was resident at Seaford in Sussex.

His subjects were taken from all over Southern England, and it can only be assumed that he joined STISA after a visit to St Ives, as no other Cornish connection has been established. Due to distance, however, he was not a regular exhibitor.


Landscape painter in watercolours

works and access

Works include: The Harbour and the Church, St Ives Cornwall;  


Alpine; RA (7) from 1922; STISA 1934, 36 and 37 Touring Shows


STISA 1933-44


Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall p354; 

Johnson & Greutzner

Tovey (2003) Creating a Splash

C Wood Victorian Painters;