John Henry WEST

John Henry WEST

West, a local Falmouth boatman, took up painting first as an amateur and later as a professional. His first exhibition was at the RCPS in 1902 in the Amateur Oils section. By 1912 he was described in Lake's Guide as a boatman and artist.

Working and living from a houseboat on the Bar, Falmouth, in 1925, he had two sheds for his boat building and a studio at 7 Minnie Place. His work was sold by local picture dealers, and some he sold himself, signing J H West, or J West. Eight of his paintings were shown at the 150th Anniversary Exhibition at the RCPS in 1983, and all were from private collections.

A recent correspondent (2012) has been able to provide his relevant dates. 'He was born on the 13th September 1856 at Falmouth where he died on the 10th February 1938.'



Painter in oils of marine and shipping subjects

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Works include: Two Luggers in a following seaA 3-Masted ship in a rough sea; Three Luggers in a fresh breeze; Two Sailing Ships; A Ship under full sail


RCPS 1902 (Amateur Oils), 1983 150th Anniversary Exhibition (8)



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