John William ALLISON

John William ALLISON

Allison studied art at the Royal College of Art, and is primarily known for portraits and figure studies. An early appointment was as Headmaster of Putney School of Art.

From 1901 he served as Headmaster of the Penzance School of Art until 1907, when he departed to take up another educational post (as Principal at the Portsmouth Municipal School of Art); he also became President of the Portsmouth and Hampshire Art Society.

In June 1913 he returned to the Penzance area, acting as HM School Inspector, to render a report on the falling numbers of day students at the School. (The primary reason for the decline was the independent offering by artists of lessons from their own studios and 'schools' in the area.)


Portraits and figure studies, educator and administrator.

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RA; RI; RBA; many provincial galleries





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