Jon White grew up in Cornwall. After studying theology at university in London, he moved to Normandy, France, where he worked for a non-profit organisation, Bless, and freelanced as an artist/illustrator. In New York in 2014, while apprenticed to the artist and author Makoto Fujimura, White came to the realisation that his love for art and theology could be combined. In 2016 he spent nine months in Los Angeles studying for a Masters in theology and art, at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Having returned to Cornwall, Jon creates both seascapes and abstract works incorporating 'Nihonga' - a Japanese technique involving the use of ground minerals and precious stones such as malachite, azurite and gold and silver leaf.




2018: Huddle Cafe, Falmouth (July)

2021: Wonder & Meaning, Terrace Gallery, Penryn (10 June-4 July)

2023: The Sea Within, Inspire Makers, Falmouth (2-27 May)