Joseph Tiel JORDAN

Joseph Tiel JORDAN
d aft

Cheltenham-born, this painter in watercolours was a member of the Ntional Society of Art Masters, indicating that he had been a teacher of art prior to coming to St Ives with his daughter, Phyllis Tiel JORDAN. For the STIAC records, their Cornish address was given as Flagstaff Cottage, Lamorna (where they may have been lodging with the Birch family for at least some period of time).

His work is first mentioned in St Ives in 1929, and in 1931 he was one of only twenty-two artists invited to represent STISA in their show at Plymouth. Jordan was a good friend of Samuel John Lamorna BIRCH, George BRADSHAW and Borlase SMART, and appears to have fitted well into the colony, but left the area after suffering a heart attack.  By 1932 he was living in Newcastle, Staffordshire. Only his daughter is noticed in Johnson & Greutzner (British Artists 1880-1940).


Painter in watercolours


STISA Show Day 1929 (his first mention), 1932 Touring Show

Harris and Sons, Plymouth 1931 (representing STISA)


STISA 1929-32


1891/1901 Censuses

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