Joshua Henry SCULLY

Joshua Henry SCULLY
aka Harry

The Cork watercolourist Harry Scully showed three landscapes at the RHA exhibition in 1893. His studio was at 15 Nelson's Place, Cork, the house where once Richard Sainthill lived and Daniel Maclise painted.

In Cornwall he stayed in St Ives, and a newspaper report in 1887 (Cornish Tel) notes a cricket accident which he shared with fellow artist Frederick MILLARD, in which the two were in a violent collision on the pitch and had to be taken un-conscious to a house nearby, where one was to suffer a 'brain concussion' and the other a fractured nose. They both were playing for the Newlyn team.

Scully was to exhibit a total of ninety-six portraits and landscapes of Cork, Brittany, Normandy, Cornwall (1895) and other rural areas at the Academy, showing each consecutive year until 1911, when he ceased to exhibit for a period of twenty years. He re-emerged as an exhibitor at the Academy in 1931 and the following year, when he showed for the last time. He died in London on 21 July, 1935, age 77 (GRO).



Painter of landscapes in watercolour


RHA (96) 1893 (3) year until 1911, 1931




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