Julian DYSON

Julian DYSON

Julian Dyson was born in St Mawes, Cornwall, but it was not until 1972 that he began exhibiting his work.  His first show (solo) was in Southhampton at the Hansard Gallery. Then after moving back to Cornwall permanently he was elected an Associate of the NSA, and began exhibiting frequently in both solo and group shows in local galleries, including the Rainyday Gallery in Penzance.

By profession a dentist, Julian Dyson increasingly took up the pen and brush to be a prolific artist as he approached retirement, though it had always been a sideline interest. His remarkable, witty and characteristic portraits of both people and animals (notably cats) are both moving and full of empathy and mystery. You do wonder about what the subject is thinking.

His studio sale after a series of group, solo and retrospective exhibitions in West Cornwall, was held by W H Lane in 2009, and most of his remaining works were sold. Two of his paintings are in the permanent collection of Falmouth Art Gallery.


Painter, draughtsman, sculptor

works and access

Works incl: Gull Rock (1984 oil); The White House (1985 oil); Cornish Quarry (1990 oil); Betty in Red (2000), Self Portrait, after Being Diagnosed with Throat Cancer (2000); The Red House (2001 acrylic and charcoal)

 Daphne Antiques; Ginger the Cat; (private col); Falmouth Art Gallery


1988: Salt House Gallery, St Ives

1992: Rainy Day Gallery, Penzance

Falmouth Art Gallery (2001)

W H Lane Studio Sale (2009)

2012: 'Soaring Spirits', Falmouth Art Gallery 23 June - 8 Sept


NSA 1987-1995 list

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W H Lane Studio Sale: watercolours, drawings & sculpture of Julian Dyson (15 Oct 2009) illus