Justin BLAKE

Justin BLAKE
Paul Bernard Richardson

2016 NEW INFORMATION JUST ARRIVED: A cousin of Justin Blake has written with the following information: 'His birth name was Paul Richardson, the son of Stella and Bernard Richardson of Barnet, Herts and he had a brother Andrew, who I believe went to live in the Adelaide area of Australia.' I remember Paul fondly as he was a really nice person, though I heard that he was a little flash for Mousehole, driving an E-type Jag.' The cousin lives in Western Australia, and has tried to locate Andrew without success. Any help would be appreciated.

2013:'My husband bought a Justin Blake from the artist in the 1960's. I found another which I bought 20 years ago. Justin Blake was missing and his body was found down a tin mine. An artist in Lamorna told us this and that this is why his output was reduced.'

Previous enquirers: Three welcome correspondents have contributed the following memories:

A. 'I noted the entry of the painting The Talisman fishing boat Mousehole, for this artist.  My daughter did see this painting for sale a few years ago in an art gallery in Mousehole and was interested, because I have a small original, oil on board bought from the artist in Mousehole during the 1960's. It depicted the harbour showing the Lobster Pot Hotel which sadly, has now been redeveloped. I spent several holidays there.   My late husband used to go out shark fishing on The Talisman with Frank and Phillip the owners of the boat.    I bought the painting at the time when the artist was short of money and had a small child.  I have wondered what happened to him.  I believe he used the name 'Justin Blake' as there was an artist of a similar name to his real name - which I do not know -  painting at the same time in St Ives.' (2011)

B. Another correspondent (2012) writes that he would also like to know more about Justin Blake and what has happened for him. He has a painting that he bought from the artist in the 1960s, which hangs again in his study after a few years in the attic until a recent move.  He met the artist painting at the harbour in Mousehole, and came back the following day to collect the finished subject. 

C. A third correspondent (2012) writes from Adelaide, Australia:  About 15 years ago, I walked into a second-hand shop near my home, and saw a painting hanging on the wall.  I had to buy it as it brought back many memories. The painting looks towards The Lobster Pot and a row of buildings behind.  From memory I think Andrew's Street runs behind it. In the forefront is a circular area of sea, with a couple of small boats tied up.  It is signed by Justin Blake on the the front.  On the back is a label saying,`Original oil by JUSTIN BLAKE,SEASCAPES,FISHING VILLAGES, STORM AND WRECK.  Studio at Wavecrest, Mousehole, Cornwall, England.

A correspondent (2020) has told us of a 1960s Justin Blake painting entitled 'Sir Francis Chichester in the Roaring 40s' depicting a sailing boat in the midst of a squall, which he inherited from his father.

A correspondent (2018) has been in touch to share his memories of Paul, whom he knew in 1962, when they travelled together from London to Devon, finding work and accommodation in Cockington. The correspondent remembers Paul writing poetry and doing portraits on the quay at Brixham.

This correspondent contacted us again in 2024 to advise us that, following some research, he has found that Paul Bernard Richardson was born in 1943 and died in Penzance in 1984. He is sure this is the same artist known as Justin Blake. 'Bernard' was apparently his father's name.




works and access

Works incl in private collections: The Talisman fishing boat - Mousehole Harbour (oil on board); Seascapes, fishing villages, storm and wreck (oil)



Correspondence from Collectors (4); former correspondent again, confirming Mousehole home of Justin Blake (2016)