Kate Nicholson is the daughter of Ben NICHOLSON and his first wife Winifred NICHOLSON, and was born in Cumbria. Peter LANYON was one of her teachers when she attended the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. After moving to St Ives in 1956 she became a member of the Penwith Society of Artists, exhibiting with them in mixed shows. However she continued to spend time in Cumbria and to travel elsewhere, especially to Greece.

St Ives Crabber 1949 is a painting by Kate Nicholson, included in the Cornwall County permanent collection.

In 1961 she was chosen for the Arts Council tour 'Six Young Painters'.



works and access

Works incl: Birdham Pool (signed); Pink Cyclamen 1963 (oil on board, signed); Sylphides 1956 (oil on canvas); Eigg Seascape (1980) shown at Great Atlantic 2008, Falmouth


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