Katharine Evelyn CLAYTON

Katharine Evelyn CLAYTON
Katherine Sargent
Exh 1918-1929

The artist was born near Bilston, Staffordshire and married Louis Augustus SARGENT.  They lived at Tallandside, St Ives, and her portrait in miniature was painted by Mabel Maud DOUGLAS and displayed at the St Ives Show Day of 1920.  Otherwise it is known that she exhibited at the RA (8) and also in shows at the Society of Women Artists. She maintained a sending-in address in London during the decade in which she showed her work.


Painter of flowers and fruit

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Likenesses of the artist: her portrait in miniature was painted by Mabel Maud Douglas (1920)


BA (2); 

International Society (11)

RA (8); 




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