Laura Bowden was born in Helston, and was a child model of Lady Edna CLARKE HALL at Gillan Creek on the Fal, where the Clarke Hall couple kept a summer cottage.

A correspondent (2013) has found a painting of Clovelly Harbour signed by L Bowden in his mother's attic, and may be offering it for sale by auction in the near future.

A further correspondent (2014) has written: I read recently that there was an interest in L Bowden and details were requested.  We have two watercolours, signed by L Bowden: Mousehole, Cornwall  and St Ives

2015: a) We also have a water colour painting called 'Crazy Kate's Cottage' by L. Bowden, discovered in my mother-in-law's attic. It was given as a present in 1936. b) I have 2 water colours or possible prints: 'The Bridge, Jesmond Dene' and 'The Old Mill, Jesmond Dene', signed by L Bowden. They were in my grandmother's cottage in the early 1950's and my father thought she had received them as wedding presents; he was born in 1920. c) The following watercolours are added to her 'Known list' - Dunston Exmoor, Clovelly Devon, Porlock Exmoor. d) 2015: Two correspondents have written to say that they have works by L Bowden. One reader has two watercolours/or prints which illustrates the artist's visit to the English lakes, one being of Grasmere Church and the other of a watermill. The second correspondent reports rescuing a watercolour of a turn of the 20th-century boating scene, signed L Bowden. A third writer has a signed watercolour of Dunster, by 'Ly Bowden'. Is this the same artist? 2015 - Thirty years ago when a correspondent inherited her aunt's house, two paintings by Laura Bowden were left: one of St Michael's Mount and the other of Mevagissey. Many thanks to new readers for helping to build this list; in answer to several queries however, we have no further biographical information about this artist. Should more come to light we will post it here.

2016: A correspondent has been in touch to report the acquisition at a car boot sale of a painting or print, signed 'L Bowden' entitled 'Grasmere Church'.

2018: We have been contacted by a correspondent who has a print or watercolour by L Bowden entitled 'The Old Mill, Jesmond Dene' which he purchased 40-50 years ago.

2019: A correspondent reports that he has come across a print by L Bowden entitled 'The Openings, Robin Hood's Bay' depicting a woman walking down a steeply sloped stepped street between cottages.

2019: A further correspondent has written to tell us of two signed prints by L Bowden, showing scenes in Clovelly and Whitby.

2022: We have been told of a print by L Bowden of 'The Openings', a cobbled street in Robin Hoods Bay, which has been in the correspondent's family for many years.

2023: A correspondent informs us of two prints found in Norwill, Lancs, of St Michaels Mount and Mevagissey Harbour.


 Landscapes in watercolour

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2015: Two further prints by L Bowden have been reported, one of steps at Clovelly with a donkey, and a second of Porlock. Both of these, of course, are watercolours created in Devon. 2015: Additional print or painting of 'Jesmond Dene' found in a grandmother's room.

2017: A correspondent has told us of three watercolours by Laura Bowden, which she inherited 30 years ago: Dunsford, Pinhoe and one of a village scene between Woodbury and Exmouth.

2018: A correspondent from New Zealand has informed us that she has inherited a painting of a donkey on the steps at Clovelly by Laura Bowden.

2018: We are told of a painting by L Bowden of a sailboat, entitled 'Megavissey', which has been in the correspondent's ownership for 35 years.