Louis Augustus SARGENT

Louis Augustus SARGENT ROI

Born in London of a French family, the artist was the son of the engraver, Louis Phillippe Sargent, several forbears being artists and engravers. He studied at the South Kensington School of Art, and was married to the painter Katharine Evelyn CLAYTON. They first came to St Ives in 1908, and lived at Clodgy View, using 1 Piazza Studios for work. Altogether they were to live in Cornwall more than 50 years, but they also worked in the South of France. When they were not in St Ives, they shared studios at 2 and 3 King Henry's Road, Hampstead. From 1921 until 1939, much time was spent painting on the continent, but they returned to West Cornwall in 1939, joining STISA and exhibiting with them through the war years. His entries for the 1911 Show Day are illustrative of broad, international interests in art and include his titles The Cornish Coast: Night (for International Exhibition, Grafton Galleries), The Moon (for Imperial Exhibition, Crystal Palace), Hampstead Fair (International) and a Portrait of Miss Millie Dow. His Obituary noted that he had little interest in art societies. He died at Tallandside, The Belyars, St Ives.


Painter of portraits, landscape and marine subjects, book illustrator and sculptor

works and access

Works include: The Cornish Coast: Night (1911); The Moon (1911);  Portrait of Miss Millie Dow (1911); ' 1912, March 1913, Summer Permanent exhibition, #90, Cornish rocks and sea, oils 1913, September, Lanhams, #90, Carthew Point 1919, May; Spring exhibition STISA 1927, Retrospective (2) RA(1) Venice Exhibition 1912, The Coast, St Ives Pittsburgh 1912, The Atlantic Coast, Cornwall Leicester Galleries 1913, one-man show Plymouth Art Gallery 1917

Access to Work: Mountainous Landscape (Tovey, Creating a Splash; p 267; 6 col pl in Sea Change pp63-5;)


London Galleries 1898;NEAC International Society; National Portrait Society; St Ives 1910; Show Day 1911; Piazza Studios; Grafton Galleries; Imperial Exhibition, Crystal Palace; Lanhams 1919; Spring exhibition STISA 1927, Retrospective (2) RA(1) Venice Exhibition 1912; Pittsburgh 1912; Leicester Galleries 1913; one-man show Plymouth Art Gallery 1917; November RSW 1920; October (at the Pall Mall Galleries); France Switzerland Italy Carnegie Institute, USA; Royal Institute of Oil Painters 1915, October, Piccadilly


International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Etchers (elected March 1915); STISA 1939-45


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