Louis Reginald James Monro GRIER RBA

An Australian born in Melbourne, and brother of  Edmund Wyly GRIER, Louis was educated in Canada before running a painting school in St Ives with Julius OLSSON.

He shared the Ivy Tower Studio, Porthmeor with his brother, and later worked and taught from The Foc'sle studio. When he separated from the Olsson school in order to start up classes on his own, Algernon Mayow TALMAGE took over as assistant to Olsson. His partner for the new venture, called The St Ives School of Art, was John Noble BARLOW, and tuition was offered in 'Landscape, Marine, Figure, and Still-Life, both in Oil and Water-Colour from Nature.'

Louis was known as a party-goer, fun-loving and social person, who sported striking clothing, including a black cape and high boots. His work was strongly influenced by Whistler and French Impressionism, and his freedom of style attracted both admiring students and some distaste amongst the more formal painters. In 1910 he donated one of his paintings to be auctioned for the Relief Fund set up in St Ives after the loss of the fishing boat Lily John. He was styled as one of Wormleighton's 'painters of light.' He was the author of 'A Painters Club (at St Ives, Cornwall)' in The Studio (V:110), and a signatory of the Glanville letter (Nov 1898).


Painter of landscapes and marine subjects; teacher

works and access

Works include:  La Garde de Nuit and Pecheurs de la Cornouaille gardant leurs filets (1891); The glamour of evening; Diana's Pool (1913); Eventide (1914); By Canal and River (1917); The Sentinel (1920)

Local: Evening at St Ives Bay (at St Ives Library); Marshes, Winter (owned by St Ives Town Council)


Paris Salon 1891 (Medallist)

RA 1914, March - April 1920

Newlyn Studios March 1889

St Ives August 1889, Lanham's March 1909, March 1913, Novenber 1913, (Painters and Etchers Exhibition) February 1914, June 1917, March 1919, July 1919, December 1919, February 1920, Show Day March 1920; 

Rochdale Spring Exhibition 1913

 Plymouth Art Gallery Spring Exhibition 1917;  

Dowdeswell (2)

Notts Castle (3)

Whitechapel (4) Cornish Painters 1902 (exhibition catalogue in Hardie 2009)

BIR (1), DOW (2), GL (1), GI (3), L (8), M (7), NG (1), RA (11), RBA (41), RHA (2), RID (41), ROI (8)



RBA 1906


Cornishman 28 Mar 1889, 1 Aug 1889

Cornish Telegraph 25 Mar 1909

St Ives Times 19 Nov 1910, 28 Mar 1913, 28 Nov 1913, 6 Feb 1914, 8 May 1914, 29 Jun 1917, 9 Nov 1917, 14 Mar 1919, 4 July 1919, 25 Jul 1919, 12 Dec 1919, 20 Feb 1920, 5 Mar 1920, 19 Mar 1920, 16 Apr 1920 [from WMN]



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