Lowell DYER

Lowell DYER

Brooklyn-born (16 February 1856), Dyer studied art under Gerome at the Beaux Arts and with Collin in Paris. He was primarily a figure painter, with a predeliction for paintings of children as angels.

In 1889 he arrived in St Ives for a summer holiday and stayed for the rest of his life. In 1890 he exhibited with the St Ives artists at the Dowdeswell show. Kellys (1893) gives his address as 2 Richmond Terrace where he lived with his wife Annie, also an American. His studio was in the grounds of Talland House. In 1895 he exhibited at the opening exhibition at Newlyn. Both of the Dyers were actively involved with the St Ives and Newlyn artistic communities, and Lowell served as President of STISA at least twice (1893-4 and 1918).

His eyesight was beginning to fail by the time STISA was formed, and he was almost totally blind by the date of his death. He is remembered by Charles MARRIOTT as an American from Boston and a Swedenborgian by faith, who painted angels combining Swedenborg with Botticelli. He was definitely considered the wit of the St Ives' community, and a friend to many artists of the Newlyn community as well.



works and access

Works inlcude: Adoring Angel; Angel of the Annunciation (1925); Angel with Daffodil

Access to work: Glasgow; Auckland; USA


DOW 1890

NAG 1895 Opening

St Ives March 1919

STISA Summer 1928, 1934 and 37 Touring Shows

Porthmeor Gallery late 1920s

Cheltenham 1925


STIAC 1898, 1918-19 (President)

STISA 1927-39


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