Mabel Tregaskis SARA

Mabel Tregaskis SARA

Mabel Tregaskis Sara was a pupil at the Redruth School of Science & Art in Cornwall and her work flourished between 1897 and 1903. Daughter of Thomas Tregaskis Sara (b. 1841 Redruth) an iron founder, and Mary Harvey Kitto (b. 1848 Gwennap).

works and access

Chemical laboratory at Redruth Science & Art School, Cornwall, 1897 (Science & Society Picture Library)

Apothecarys Shop, Redruth, Cornwall, 1903. The painting shows the back room of a pharmacist's shop featuring the area where the pharmacist would prepare prescriptions. The cupboard houses a variety of bottled chemicals and apparatus. (Science & Society Picture Library)

Daffodils and Violets, oil on canvas, 1904 (Hayle Gallery, 2013)

Still life with a Violin, oil on canvas (Hayle Gallery, 2013)

A Girl and Apple Blossom, oil on canvas, 1897 (David Lay, Penzance, October 2013)

A Girl with Daffodils, oil on panel, 1898 (David Lay, Penzance, October 2013)