The artist Lindsay was born in Singapore, of parents serving in the RAF. Escaping the Japanese invasion, the Laconia upon which the family was returning to the UK, was torpedoed. In a very moving life, he was incarcerated in a prison camp in Morocco, and subsequently attended 8 different schools, achieving 11+ status, but leaving school at 14. After some time spent in the RAF, he left for mental health reasons and attended Gloucester College where eventually he was to become a full-time lecturer.

He purchased a smallholding in Cornwall in retirement, and completed a degree in Fine Art at Plymouth in 2009.  The Plymouth degree capped a lifetime of dabbling in art - both sculpting and painting - which is where he now thinks he should have begun.  He has now lived in Cornwall for 25 years, and is critically much more interested in subject than he is in style of art, using whatever 'style' seems best for the chosen subject, much of which is what he calls 'protest art' and not very commercial. Nonetheless, under the heading of 'Disagreeable Cornish Art', the title of his website, his painting is skillful and noteworthy, setting out to reveal social and political stances and situations.


Oil on wood panel, figurative and protest art

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2010 BHVU Gallery, London



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Correspondence (2011) with family; 


BHVU Gallery, Leswin Place, Stoke Newington, London

The Jackdaw, 93 Clissold Crescent, London