Marian Elizabeth ANDREWS

Miss Elizabeth ANDREWS

Painter and sculptor, recorded in Whybrow St Ives 1921-1939 list.  The artist was a member of Andrews family of Tregerthen, Zennor. Research is ongoing related to her studies and life as an artist.  She lived for almost 80 years at Eastbourne, where she was an enthusiastic sculptor and painter.

During WWI she worked with refugees in Belgium with the Red Cross and the ambulance corps. Following the war she was honoured with a MBE for her services to the war effort. Recent correspondence also indicates that she was active in the suffrage movement in early 1900s.  She died in Eastbourne at age 95, remaining an active artist.

In 2008 the Andrews-Westlake Family Archive was given to the Hypatia Trust by the late John Andrews, and this is in process of cataloguing.  A collection of Elsie Andrews prints and sculptures form part of this legacy.


 Sculptor, painter, printmaker

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Barclays Bank (Eastbourne) Statue of cat

Maquettes, Watercolours & photographs of paintings, prints (Hypatia Trust Collection of Women's Art)


 NEAC 1903



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Census data via J Palmer (2013)

Hypatia Trust Archive: Andrews-Westlake Family

Whybrow (1994) St Ives (1921-1939 list pp 219-21)