Marianne EDWARDS

Marianne EDWARDS

Marianne Edwards has been a member of the NSA for more than 30 years, though she lives in Devon.  Her major solo show at NAG was in 1981, and she remains in the NSA today (2010). In 1981 she was also chosen a Westward (Television) Open Award Winner for her simple, sparse, but very evocative paintings of lingerie, books, and other accoutrements of living.  Their fragile, almost ethereal qualities draw immediate attention, and her paintings are in many public and private collections. Some have been reproduced as postcards.


Painting in oil

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Works incl:  Coffee-break in the library; Study; [Trevelyan House, Penzance]


Jamieson Library Exhibition series, 1980s, Newmill

NAG: Solo (1981) and mixed shows (various with NSA)

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Two paintings in Hypatia Collection of Women's Art, Trevelyan House


Hardie (1995) 100 Years in Newlyn/Diary of a Gallery

Jamieson Library Art Archive files