Marjorie BLAMEY


Marjorie Blamey's art career began in earnest when she was invited by the Cornwall Garden Society to show some of her floral works at their Spring Flower Show. Since that time she has taken to botanical and floral illustration with enthusiasm and success. Her first commission was from Cornish horticulturist, Neil Treseder, to illustrate a book on magnolias.

She has built up an impressive archive of more than 10,000 paintings of flowers and plants, and her husband, Philip, has taken on the work of building up these files. Her illustrations are employed in many books about wild flowers, alpine flowers, and food. She is also author of Learn to Paint Flowers, published by Collins. She has won three gold medals from the Royal Horticultural Society and two from the Alpine Garden Society. (WMN, 13 Feb 2007)

In 1984 an exhibition of her paintings was held at the RIC/RCM, in Truro. In 2007 she was presented with her OBE medal by the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Lady Mary Holborow. She and her husband lived in St Germans.


Painting, illustration


1966:  Cornwall Garden Society

1984:  County Museum, Royal Institution of Cornwall (RIC), Truro


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Hypatia book collection - art, illustration

Western Morning News 13 Feb 2007