Marjorie Heudebourck BALLANCE

Miss Marjorie Heudebourck BALLANCE
Marjory; Hugh de Burg = Heudebourck; also seen as Balance

Born in Birmingham, her father was Dr J D Ballance. She studied at the Slade and in Paris. The family moved to St Ives just before WWI, and she was exhibiting at Show Days in St Ives by 1919. Her address in St Ives in 1925 was 1 Albany Terrace, from which she submitted two paintings, L'Epousee and Le soir to the Paris Salons.

She, like her brother Percy BALLANCE, worked from 1 Piazza Studios, and she continued to play a part in West Cornwall (St Ives) arts activities until well into the 1960s. Nevertheless, she also exhibited at NAG.  J&G give sending-in addresses for her in Petersfield, Hampshire (1928) and Cheltenham (1929).  Her close friend and companion was the artist Louisa Margaret LARKING. She was also a Justice of the Peace (JP).


Painter in watercolour, and engraver/woodcut artist, portraits (Paris)

works and access

Works include: The Stately Music (1923); The Bride; Vespers( decorative panels in the style of C15th 1923); A Lordlt Dish (litho); Breton Peasants (lino-print 1924); L'Epousee (1925); Le soir (1925)


Birmingham (14); Liverpool (3); RA 1922

 New Print Society Exhibition (etchers, printers, litho & woodcuts)

Merchants Jubilee Exhibition

Paris Salon (2) 1925

NAG December 1924, December 1925, Summer 1926 (Woodwork), December 1926 (Craft section)

St Ives Spring Exhibition April 1920


STISA 1956

St Ives Arts Club (became President)


Cornishman 7th Jul 1926, 8 Dec1926

St Ives Times 16 Apr 1920 [from WMN], 23 Mar 1923, 6 Apr 1923, 21 Mar 1924

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