exh 1921-37

Grylls studied at the Crystal Palace School of Art and at Newlyn under Norman GARSTIN. Her husband was a County Alderman and a member of Cornwall County Council for over thirty years. She concentrated on painting flower studies in watercolour or tempera, occasionally using oils. She also did some figure work and landscape painting.

She was exhibiting St Ives scenes from 1920 and worked from Blue Studio, Wharf Road, St Ives, living at Ar-Lyn, Lelant, with her husband Reginald Grylls. The painting which she exhibited for Show Day 1924 of a dead pheasant surrounded by cartridges, a gun, a bag and a few other accessories, was praised as 'the best work she has ever done.' Other works by her that year were studies of anemones in libraries, and a water-colour of a fishing group on the Wharf. She was a founder member of STISA.


Painter of landscapes, figures, genre in oils and watercolour

works and access

Works include: Anemones; Unloading Herrings; Kemp's Shop (all c1923); Polyanthus (1934); Court Cocking, St Ives and Norway Court, St Ives (both c1937)


RCPS 1920

RA (1) 1934;  

NAG Dec 1924, Dec 1925, Dec 1926, Dec 1937



St Ives March 1923, March 1924; 

STISA Show Day 1921, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1937 and 1951 Festival of Britain Touring Shows


STISA (ff) 1927-56


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Cornishman 8 Dec 1926

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