Lady Mary STARR

The Honourable Mary Grey was the daughter of the 8th Earl of Stamford, otherwise known as the Rev Harry Grey, a wandering and dissolute clergyman who had ended up before his preferment to the title, with his wife, Lady Mary Grey, at the Cape in South Africa. When his wife died, he married his housekeeper, Martha, who was a Cape-coloured woman. With her he had three children, one of which was Mary, said to be very gifted.

In 1917 at Paddington Registry office, Lady Mary became the wife of poet-occultist Roland Meredith STARR, and the two set out with a plan to found an artists' colony in West Cornwall (as many have done before and since!). They remained married until 1930 and she died soon after WWII. 

An advertisement in the St Ives Times for an Artist's Exhibition: at The Cottage, Treveal, running from 11th-14th September 1917, includes Meredith STARR, Horace J WOOLEY and Lady Mary STARR.  The works were said to "demonstrate new methods of execution and conception."



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Treveal, St Ives September 1917



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The St Ives Times 7 Sep 1917


Website:  Find the Greys (projected film project based between South Africa & UK to tell the story of Lady Mary Grey's remarkable family history)