Melicent S GROSE

Miss Melicent S GROSE ASWA

Melicent Grose was born in Truro, the daughter of James Grose (born in Gwinear, Cornwall), a minister of the Wesleyan Methodist church, and Melicent nee Symons, of Newlyn.  From family information, it appears that she practised a greater part of her working life as an artist in France, living in Paris.

Two paintings were exhibited by this artist at the defining Dowdeswell Show of 1890 (exhibition catalogue in Hardie 2009) in Bond Street, London. This exhibition was for artists residing in or painting at Newlyn, St Ives, Falmouth etc in Cornwall, illustrating 'the Artistic Movement which is associated with that part of England.'

In Cornwall her early association with the artists' colony of St Ives is noted by Whybrow, and Tovey mentions that she was born in Truro. However, rather strangely, general sources (Johnson &Greutzner, Wood, etc.) never notice this connection.  Her addresses given for sending-in are London 1880, 1889 and 1905; Pont-Aven, Finisterre 1881;  Oxford 1900, with London and Oxford predominating. And her exhibition record is relatively full, with genre pieces and subjects akin to the realistic social style of the Newlyn school of the time. A number of her Polperro paintings were exhibited during the 1880s.

Her death is registered in 1923 in Middlesex, England, at the age of 79.


Painter in watercolours of landscapes and figures

works and access

Works include: A Summer's DayOld Houses, St Ives; A Bowl of Pink Roses; On the Aven, Finistierre; Breton Interior; Choosing the Wedding Apron; Primroses


SS (14)1879-85

RA 1882

Dowdeswell's December Show 1890

BIR (2); DUD (5); LI (2); MC (4); NEA; NG (4); RBA (11); RI (3); SWA (182)




misc further info

Family information, from RCM correspondence.

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